Talesun’s Most Recent Module Series Provides 570/590Wp Output

Talesun Solar has introduced a new line of massive, high-efficiency PERC modules for industrial-scale PV power plants. The series will be released in both mono facial ‘Bistar’ and bifacial ‘Bipro’ configurations.

Each will use 182mm half-cut cells in 144 and 156 cell configurations. They may deliver up to 590Wp output with module efficiencies close to 21.2 percent.

Today’s PV market is actively moving toward larger format modules with performance figures reaching 600Wp. This is stimulated by the need to keep decreasing the levelized cost of electricity by reducing the cost of installation and component amount.

Having said that, the market now needs three items. The first task is to select and deploy the proper PERC-based module format size. The second step is to innovate at the cell and module levels for such projects. And lastly, understanding the module’s compatibility with PV inverters and tracker systems, especially with bifacial modules.

As a result, the Bistar and Bipro module series with up to 590Wp output employ a range of advanced technologies to lower the LCOE for grid-scale and electricity applications.

The major breakthrough here is the use of a gallium-doped M10 wafer, which gives better protection against light-induced degradation while generating reliable, long-term energy.

Due to the format sizes and weight, the mid-sized wafers allow efficient handling for rapid installations while minimizing difficulties during device installation.

The use of circular 10MBB string ribbons improves optical efficiency and decreases cell surface shading, thus enhancing light capturing. The increased coating thickness lowers cell-to-module losses, increasing power output.

This also implies that the open-circuit voltage remains constant at currents less than 13A. This allows the module to work properly with standard 15A PV inverters, eliminating the risk of curtailment losses.

Talesun Bistar mono facial modules weigh 31.5kg and have 3.2mm AR Coating Tempered Front Glass. It is available in 156 half-cut monocrystalline cell configurations. This module is available in five different configurations, with power outputs ranging from 570 to 590 W and efficiencies ranging from 20.3-21.0 percent.

On the other hand, Talesun Bipro bifacial modules have 2.0mm AR Coating Semi-tempered Front Glass and 2.0mm rear Glazed Semi-tempered Glass. It weighs 35kg and is made up of 156 monocrystalline cells. It is also available in five variants with power outputs ranging from 570 to 590 W and efficiencies ranging from 20.1-20.9 percent.

In addition, the operating ambient temperature varies from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, with a maximum device voltage of 1,500V. Both modules are protected by a 12-year quality guarantee and a 30-year power output warranty.

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