Meet the Team

Murray Miller

Murray manages Global Photovoltaics’ content policy and operations. He is also in charge of expanding global news coverage and the consumer solar information content, all in an effort to make the planet a more environmentally friendly place.

Murray holds a Cambridge University degree in human history and lives in Manchester with his wife and two children. He was a pioneer in newsroom development before joining Global Photovoltaics.

Alan Frazier

Alan decided to join Global Photovoltaics as a News Writer, using his bachelor’s degree in journalism and assisting us in moving forward as a leader in the solar media outlet.

He now serves in the development of our content strategy, with a specific focus on the creation of factual, evidence-based material that empowers readers to take reasonable actions.

Lilah Alston

Lilah began working with Global Photovoltaics in 2016. Prior to this, she earned a degree in English literature and worked for several years at a pharmaceutical journal distribution company.

Lilah co-leads a team of tenacious copy editors who are committed to ensuring accuracy, reliability, and sincerity in every article Global Photovoltaics publishes.

Clive Felix

Clive joined Global Photovoltaics in 2014 after earning a master’s degree in creative and analytical writing and gaining 5 years of experience in the energy sector.

As Senior Editor, he leads a team committed to delivering dependable and up-to-date content for those interested in the latest industry innovation.

Leena Cruz

Leena has considerable experience writing and editing academic and commercial material, having previously worked at an education website, a university, and a mining firm.

She acts as the Managing Editor of Global Photovoltaica’s Consumer Information to produce content that is reliable, engaging, and informative. Her mission is to assist readers in making the most informed choices on how to use solar energy.