Maxeon Solar will Sell Directly to The US Market

As part of a major shift to initial manufacturing agreements, SunPower will authorize Maxeon Solar to market their Performance Series PV modules in the US market. It should be noted, however, that the agreement excluded some niche markets while allowing Maxeon Solar to sell P-Series modules to the US utility sector.

SunPower also confirmed to industry professionals during its Q2 2020 quarterly teleconference in early August 2020 that Maxeon Solar will be allowed to handle marketing and deliveries to the US utility-scale sector in relation to the P-Series panels.

SunPower also stated that it can sell P-Series modules to the energy sector. Even so, the goods will be shipped from abroad.

SunPower’s P Series shingled PV modules were initially prohibited from being sold in the US market by Maxeon. However, as part of the initial Intellectual property license, manufacturing, and distribution agreements, Maxeon Solar kept the sale rights in the majority of countries outside of North America.

As a result of the new agreement, Maxeon Solar will indeed be able to establish a direct sales operation in the United States, selling the P Series modules specifically to the energy sector.

SunPower currently provides IBC solar panels to residential and industrial customers. SunPower’s n-type IBC modules are distinguished from the commonly used p-type silicon-based modules by additional manufacturing procedures and parts.

Without getting too technical, SunPower’s IBC modules are more durable and, as a result, degrade at a slower pace than standard p-type solar modules.

Maxeon Solar Technologies, on the other hand, aims to increase up to US$143.75 million via a share offering, with the funds going toward expected capacity expansions and R&D.

According to Maxeon, a majority of the funds raised through both offerings will be allocated for general corporate purposes, including support for long announced Performance manufacturing line improvements.

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